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Theme: Inclusive Transition



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Co-directors of Just Transition Centre

The Just Transition Centre (JTC) is an international centre founded by the global trade union ITUC, with the aim of ensuring that workers are represented in the planning of the green transition. In a world where "Just Transition" discussions often remain abstract, the JTC stands as a beacon of concrete action.

Functioning as a global nexus of knowledge and collaboration, the JTC unites workers, unions, employers, and governments to ensure that the voices of labour are not just heard but actively involved in shaping the transition to a greener future. By facilitating processes where social justice and environmental sustainability are at the forefront, they contribute to a transition that considers both human well-being and the planetary boundaries.

From facilitating dialogue between stakeholders to securing funding for vital projects, the JTC operates at the forefront of global change, fostering unity and cooperation across borders. In regions like South Africa and Indonesia, their interventions have catalysed policy reform and empowered local communities to demand their rightful place in the transition process.

Even on a local scale, in cities like Los Angeles, the JTC's collaborative approach has yielded transformative results, bridging gaps between the environmental movement, unions, and policymakers to build a more resilient and equitable society.

For their exemplary ability to advance the cause of just transitions, empowering workers, and fostering collaboration towards a sustainable future, the Just Transition Centre is awarded the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2024.

The WIN WIN Award is an international award that has brought attention to outstanding contributions around the world since the year 2000. Besides the ambition to recognise important sustainability efforts, the award also aims to stimulate creativity and long-term synergies – to ultimately benefit humankind, the environment and our shared future. The winner of the WIN WIN Award is awarded 1 million SEK at the WIN WIN Award ceremony in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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