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The winner of WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2004 on the theme Sustainable Investment was thesustainable investment giant Joan Bavaria together with green economy specialist Tessa Tennant.

Joan Bavaria is  considered a pioneer for sustainable business and conscious investment. Founder of Trillium Asset Management in 1982, and Ceres, the nonprofit organization for sustainability leadership, she advocated social and environmental responsibility in the financial world. Bavaria inspired, not the least, major American corporations to more significant consideration of the environment.

Tessa Tennant and Joan Bavaria was awarded the prize for their pioneering efforts in the strategic future forum “sustainable investment” the purpose of which is to promote socially, environmentally and economically responsible investing. Both dynamic women – by building public opinion and their own investment companies and funds with this focus – have contributed to an increasing number of businesses adopting more sustainable development. They inspire others to steer development towards long-term, sustainable investments in the broadest sense of the word.

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