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The winner of WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2008 on the theme Sustainable Chemical Use was the toxology and engiering duo Jan Ahlbom & Ulf Duus, together with politician Margot Wallström and scientist Theo Colborn.

Modern society is dependent on the use of an enormous amount of chemical compounds. Obviously they contribute to our welfare and comfort, but unfortunately are also the source of a number of frightening and, in part, unknown effects on humans and the environment. Addressing and solving these complex issues requires broad strategies in which science, politics and market mechanisms all play key roles.

The Gothenburg-based duo made up of environmental engineer Jan Ahlbom and toxicologist Ulf Duus had been working together for almost 20 years at the time, with several projects to reduce the unsustainable usage of chemicals in the society. For example, their work against the HA-oils in car tires, considered cancerogenic, contributed to a prohibition of the substances in the EU. Moreover, Ahlbom and Duus had in the project Clean Shipping worked for a more conscious overseas transportation through increased demands on environmental aspects.

Environmental engineer Jan Ahlbom and toxicologist Ulf Duus have systematically invented methods to reduce the negative impact of chemicals in daily life in Sweden, particularly in the Göteborg region. They have step-by-step tested market-based strategies in which customers are connected to producers and where economic incentives.

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