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Reduva – Red Universitaria Anticorrupción Universitary Anticorruption Network is a student-founded organisation with the goal to fight the widespread corruption in Colombia. By fostering a culture of transparency, public value, and social responsibility, RedUva empowers citizens to become agents of change and champions for a corruption-free society.

Utilizing a multifaceted approach, RedUva operates through three main pillars: the Research Center, the Communications Strategies Center, and the Social Transformation Center. Through these avenues, RedUva collaborates with state institutions and civil society to propose solutions, influence public policy, and educate the populace on the detrimental effects of corruption.

Central to RedUva's mission is the engagement of young people, recognizing their pivotal role in shaping the future. Through innovative educational programs and experiential learning initiatives, RedUva equips young individuals with the tools and knowledge to become leaders of change and advocates for integrity within their communities.

Setting itself apart from traditional anti-corruption organizations, RedUva addresses not only individual acts of corruption but also endeavours to instil a preventive anti-corruption culture within society. By fostering critical thinking and promoting transparent practices, RedUva seeks to create lasting societal change and combat corruption at its roots.

By making corruption from the governing elite visible and, at the same time, educating the population on principles and values to create a culture around transparency, RedUva proves that by mobilising youth, students can create structural change while challenging injustice. With innovative methods and inspirational young leadership that engages children and young adults in Colombia and beyond, RedUva was honoured with the WIN WIN Youth Award 2021.

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