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THEME 2024


To achieve a climate-positive world, minor improvements will not suffice. We need fast, large-scale societal transformations in our global energy, food, and transport systems.

Moreover, we cannot neglect other critical global challenges like social inequality, poverty, and biodiversity loss.

However, these transformations can cause uncertainty, conflict, and resistance. People may feel left behind or fear losing their identity and income, leading to discontent and potential conflicts. It is crucial that these transitions are inclusive and just for everyone.

As Frans Timmermans, former vice-president of the European Commission, wisely said:

"If the transition will not be just, there will just be no transition."

The first dimension of transitioning to a climate-positive future involves phasing out or re-shaping certain technologies and industries while supporting affected communities.

Initiatives should help those who rely on high-emission economies, offering measures to avoid energy poverty and providing job opportunities and re-skilling programs to facilitate a just transition of the workforce.

The second dimension of the transition involves expanding sectors such as renewable energy or electrification while mitigating unintended negative consequences of these shifts.

The third dimension of inclusive transitions is the democratic decision-making process. Inclusive transitions require democratic decision-making processes that consider justice, fairness, and diverse voices. This prevents a single set of values and interests from dominating.

The WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award had an open nomination process for both awards, spanning from 20 October 2023 to 15 January 2024.
We received 430 nominations from 88 countries. 

The theme for 2025 will be announced on 18 October 2024.





The 2024 WIN WIN Youth Award winner is Natur og Ungdom, a significant force in the environmental and climate movement among youths in Norway. With over 5300 members aged 13-25, they strive to give young people a strong voice in societal debates and real influence on politics. In March 2023, they joined forces with Norwegian oil workers through the union Industriaksjonen to launch the 'Ten Commandments for Green Industry.' This agreement establishes principles for an inclusive transition to a green economy that benefits workers and communities, both locally and globally.



The winner of the 2024 WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is the Just Transition Centre, an international organisation founded in 2016 by the International Trade Union Confederation. Their mission is clear: to ensure workers actively participate in shaping the green transition. Despite limited resources, the Just Transition Centre provides knowledge, funding, and facilitates dialogue between workers, unions, employers, companies, and societal actors, identifying solutions that benefit both people and the environment.

Just transition centre co-directors.png


The finalists selected for the WIN WIN Award and WIN WIN Youth Award represent a wide array of initiatives and solutions that tackle the theme of the year from various perspectives. Their diverse backgrounds and approaches highlight the multifaceted nature of sustainability, illustrating that there are countless paths to positive change. These finalists serve as genuine sources of inspiration, showcasing the boundless potential for impactful action in shaping a more sustainable future.

Alexandru Al-Qassam, jury chair of the WIN WIN Youth Award

"Inclusive Transition highlights the essence of embracing diversity, fostering dialogue, and bridging differences that have long hindered our collective growth. The finalists of this year's award embody that ethos through their commitment to mobilization and community engagement. From grassroots initiatives to global campaigns, each finalist has left a lasting mark, inspiring individuals and communities to embrace inclusivity as a cornerstone of sustainable development."

Jury chair of the WIN WIN Youth Award

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