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Sustainable Food


Mina Shabbaki, Görkem Ölmez and Nina Lam received the 2019 WIN WIN Youth Award for their winning project idea  'Algae - the solution to the future food supply?' 

The project idea behind the winning contribution aims to make algae more accessible and increase its consumption through small-scale production in the local area.

Jury's motivation read:  "Based on the three dimensions of sustainability, we have a winner who, in an innovative and concrete way, creates a local solution to the global food production problem. The winners have identified several important sustainability issues, from reducing meat consumption and transportation to social sustainability in a vibrant countryside. The solution is a realistic example of how to create societal value in one's local environment."

In 2019, the WIN WIN Youth Award was a regional award for students in the third year of high school at all upper secondary schools in Västra Götaland. The task for the students was to come up with a project idea within the framework of their high school project work that was related to the theme of WIN WIN Award. In 2020, the WIN WIN Youth Award became an international award.

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