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Fighting Disinformation


Abbie Richards is an outstanding young individual who uses her social media channels to educate and inform people about the broader socio-political framework of disinformation online. She is committed to fighting disinformation, improving democratic discourse, and inspiring other young people to engage in the topic.

Abbie Richards is a researcher, content creator, and educator on misinformation with a master’s degree in climate studies. One of her notable achievements is the creation of "The Conspiracy Chart," which visually and systematically organises different types of conspiracy theories and their societal impact. The chart effectively illustrates how conspiracy theories carry a radicalisation potential, showcasing different degrees of conspiracy theories ranging from scepticism and questioning of power to full detachment from reality. Since its online debut in September 2020, the chart has gone viral, generating a better understanding of the complex issue and facilitating discussion.

She has become a successful social media influencer who uses short videos to debunk false information and explain the mechanism behind disinformation and conspiracy theories by conducting thorough research and obtaining verification from independent experts. Her background as a stand-up comedian enables her to educate and inform a vast online audience about conspiracy theories and disinformation using an informative and humorous style.

For her remarkable ability to educate and engage a diverse audience using humour, facts, and accessible graphic design, as well as her ability to facilitate a deeper understanding of some of today's most complex and pressing societal issues, Abbie Richards is awarded the WIN WIN Youth Award 2023.

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