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25 apr. 2024


What's currently at the forefront of the global sustainability agenda? Well, it's a mix of several crucial issues, as always. That's precisely why the WIN WIN Award adopts a focused approach: we zero in on one highly pertinent topic – a theme – and give it our undivided attention.

Over the years, we've tackled a range of pressing issues, from sustainable food to anti-corruption, industrial symbiosis to sustainable cities, and chemical use to green investments (just to name a few – you can explore the full list here).

Our process begins with our two juries, each member tasked with observing their own field and the global landscape, and returning with three insights on current topics. Sometimes, certain themes resonate across multiple jury members; other times, diverse proposals emerge. Each suggestion is carefully considered, weighing factors such as timeliness, resemblance to previous themes, presence of exemplary models, and potential drawbacks.

Through thorough deliberation between the jury and the secretariat, a new theme emerges. This kicks off an extensive research endeavor, coupled with the search for a new expert advisor who brings deep expertise in the chosen area.

Then, in the grand finale of our October award ceremony, we unveil the theme for the upcoming year, simultaneously opening the nomination portal on the WIN WIN Awards website. Here's the best part: anyone can nominate, provided they furnish compelling justifications and accurate contact details for their nominee. We actively encourage a diverse array of nominations, as they spotlight the rich spectrum of available solutions.

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