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1 feb. 2022


Sara Larsson, a business development professional with a passion for sustainability, joins the WIN WIN Team as the new Executive Director.

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Meet the new Executive Director of WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award, Sara Larsson.

We'll let her introduce herself:

"My name is Sara Larsson and I am a business development professional who is passionate about sustainability. I have spent the last seven years working for the Gothenburg City Mission, mainly focusing on quality management and business development in the social and ecological sustainability field. I also have broad experience working with finance and project development in the public sector. My qualifications include a Master in Public Administration, as well as a mix of different courses in the areas of change management, project management and business intelligence. I am very impressed by the accomplishments of the WIN WIN award, and I am incredibly honoured to take on the role as executive director. I am also beyond excited about what the organisation has the potential of becoming, both on a local, regional and global scale!"

Sara, we have more questions! First, do you have a favourite quote?

One quote that truly inspires me on a daily basis is one from Dag Hammarsköld (Swedish economist and diplomat who served as the second Secretary-General of the United Nations): “For all that has been, Thank you. For all that shall come, Yes.”

What’s your favourite book?

I love everything ever written by Joyce Carol Oates. Her books generally all contains some kind of dark, mystical landscape where people are stuck in the strangest situations.

What do you want to tick off your bucket list next year?

I will spend 2022 eating lots of more dessert, spending more of my time on a horseback and also taking my friends out for karaoke more often!

Sara officially joins the team on February 1st, just in time for the opening of nominations for the WIN WIN Youth Award. Welcome Sara!

Read about the WIN WIN Team here.

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