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26 mars 2024


At the annual meeting on 26 March, we welcomed one new board member and four new jurymembers to the WIN WIN Award och WIN WIN Youth Award.

On March 26th, the WIN WIN Award members convened at the annual meeting to review the outcomes of 2023 and chart the course for the award's future. Like us, they believe in the significance of showcasing exemplary initiatives that pave the path towards a more sustainable future. The annual meeting is the highest decision-making body in the WIN WIN Awards organisation. The organisation comprises members from the public sector, business, academia, and civil society, making it a distinctive constellation that serves as a seedbed for transformative sustainability work. We take great pride in this aspect of our organisation.


We are glad to welcome Stefan Karlsson, CEO of Klimatet Invest, to the WIN WIN Award board. Stefan has extensive experience in international business, including serving as a company executive in Norway and Latin America, as well as globally overseeing renewable energy initiatives within the SKF Group. With a passion for environmental sustainability and a reputation as an idea generator, we are convinced he will bring immense value to the board. Stefan is replacing Nathalie Bödtker-Lund on the board, as her mandate period has expired.


We are also delighted to welcome four fantastic individuals to our esteemed juries.Carl Heath and Sandra Sundbäck will take their seats on the WIN WIN Award jury, and Karolina Eklöw and Sofia Klingberg will join the WIN WIN Youth Award jury. In extending a warm welcome to our new jury members, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our former jury members: Susanne Ekstedt, Max Mohammadi, Ludwig Bengtsson Sonesson, and Lisa Kolarby. Their invaluable contributions have greatly enriched the work of the WIN WIN Award over the past years.


Carl Heath is a distinguished Senior Researcher at RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden, who excels in interdisciplinary research at the intersection of digitalization, democracy, and interaction design. His work spans applied innovation in learning, culture, and technology. Carl is also an educator for the Agency for Psychological Defence and holds Fellowship status with the Internet Society. With a background in political science, social science, pedagogy, and ICT from the University of Gothenburg, Carl blends academic rigor with practical insights to advance societal progress. In 2023, under the theme “Fighting Disinformation”, Carl was appointed expert advisor to the WIN WIN Award jury.


Sandra Sundbäck is a dynamic leader with expertise in communication, sustainability, and executive management. From sports administration to advertising and executive roles at Volvo Construction Equipment and Paper Province, she's driven by a commitment to values and sustainability. Now CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Värmland, Sandra leads over 1200 member companies, advocating for regional businesses. With a multidisciplinary education and co-founding the Wink network for women in Värmland, Sandra embodies empowerment and community engagement.


Sofia Klingberg holds the global role as Inclusion & Diversity Manager at AFRY, an international engineering, design, and advisory company. In her role, her primary focus is steering the achievement of inclusion strategies and gender diversity targets, which are part of the company's sustainability targets. Sofia's passion is the people side of sustainability, strongly emphasising gender equality (UN SDG 5) and reducing inequalities (UN SDG 10). Through strategic initiatives and impactful interventions, Sofia possesses extensive experience in steering complex change management within sustainability.


Karolina Eklöw works in the intersection of climate science, policy and technology. In her career, she has advised companies, governments and multilateral organizations like the United Nations and the Council of Europe on policy innovation. She is dedicated to active citizenship and a founding member of the Stockholm Hub of the Global Shapers Community, under the umbrella of the World Economic Forum. Today, Karolina is heading up communications at ClimateView, a Swedish technology company enabling data-driven decisions in the public sector. 


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