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13 mars 2024


On 13 March, we announced the ten finalists for WIN WIN Award and WIN WIN Youth Award 2024 on the theme "Inclusive Transition".

This year's award on the "Inclusive Transition" theme has engaged globally, with 430 nominations received! After a thorough review of all nominations, the juries for the WIN WIN Award and WIN WIN Youth Award have selected five finalists for each award.

» Inclusive Transition highlights the essence of embracing diversity, fostering dialogue, and bridging differences that have long hindered our collective growth. The finalists of this year's award embody that ethos through their commitment to mobilization and community engagement. From grassroots initiatives to global campaigns, each finalist has left a lasting mark, inspiring individuals and communities to embrace inclusivity as a cornerstone of sustainable development.« says Youth Award Jury Chair Alexandru Al-Qassam.



Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is a powerful and inspiring advocate on the global stage, championing environmental protection and the rights of indigenous peoples. As a leader, she has paved the way for innovative income-generating activities for women and introduced collaborative tools to promote sustainable ecosystem management and alleviate conflicts over natural resources.

Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is nominated for the WIN WIN Award because she effectively merges traditional knowledge with scientific advancements to bolster the resilience of local communities to climate change and enhance their participation in transition processes.


Lauren Hermanus is a researcher and practitioner in sustainable development with extensive experience spanning academia, private, and public sectors. Her work bridges gaps between various stakeholders and aims to facilitate shared understanding and collaboration on issues of just transition, climate adaptation, sustainable development, and the adaptable and anticipatory governance underlying these dynamic processes.

Lauren Hermanus is nominated for the WIN WIN Award for her unique ability to engage, establish, and drive collaborations for an inclusive transition.


Earth4all strives for a green and inclusive transformation of our economies by shifting focus from maximizing GDP to maximizing well-being. They develop and test models to explore various credible future scenarios. They aim to be a platform that connects and amplifies underrepresented voices from individuals and organizations, with the goal of including them in local implementations.

Earth4all is nominated for the WIN WIN Award for their significant efforts to weave together economic, ecological, and social sustainability into clear visions that demonstrate how an inclusive transition can look like.


The Just Transition Centre (JTC) is an international centre founded by the global trade union ITUC, with the aim of ensuring that workers are represented in the planning of the green transition. The Just Transition Centre provides knowledge, financing, and facilitates dialogues between workers and trade unions on one hand, and employers and governments on the other, to reach solutions that benefit both people and nature.

The Just Transition Centre is nominated for the WIN WIN Award for achieving significant progress in making the green transition both inclusive and fair, despite limited resources.


KuneLab is a cooperative organisation dedicated to local transition through dialogue, practical tools, and education. They have created the "Local Transformation Toolkit" (LTT) to foster collaboration between the public sector and civil society for shared decision-making and the implementation of locally tailored solutions. Through training and support programmes, KuneLab aims to involve funders, municipalities, and communities in advancing an inclusive transition.

KuneLab is nominated for the WIN WIN Award for facilitating collaborations between various sectors of society in an accessible manner, fostering profound democratic, cultural, and practical changes for a more sustainable future.



Natur og Ungdom is the largest environmental and climate organisation for young people in Norway. With over 5,300 members aged 13-25, their aim is to provide young people with a strong voice in societal debates and meaningful influence on politics. In March 2023, they collaborated with Norwegian oil workers through the union Industriaksjonen to launch "The Ten Commandments for Green Industry". This agreement outlines principles for an accelerated and inclusive green transition of the industry, benefiting workers and local communities both locally and globally.

Natur og Ungdom is nominated for the WIN WIN Youth Award for their ability to bridge polarisation and, through unique collaboration and dialogue, articulate a clear common direction for the transition that considers both people and nature.


Alexia Leclercq & Kier Blake are the founders of Start:Empowerment, a nonprofit organisation that provides education and leadership development in climate and environmental justice for young people in the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) community. Through a refined curriculum, they equip these students with essential skills, tools, and knowledge to address climate challenges in their local communities.

Start:Empowerment is nominated for the WIN WIN Youth Award for its commitment to empowering and including individuals from marginalised groups in society through a clear strategy that integrates education, practical action, and political mobilisation.


Xiye Bastida, aged 21, is a passionate climate justice activist in the USA, hailing from the indigenous Otomi community in Mexico. As a co-founder of the Re-Earth Initiative and a prominent organiser within Fridays for Future, she has emerged as a leading voice for a climate justice movement that prioritises fairness and inclusivity for all communities, particularly those disproportionately impacted by climate change.

Xiye Bastida is nominated for the WIN WIN Youth Award for her remarkable ability to engage both young and old in climate action, as well as her skilful conveyance of traditional ecological knowledge to decision-makers.


Wanjiku "Wawa" Gatheru, aged 23, is the visionary founder of Black Girl Environmentalist, an organisation dedicated to empowering black girls, women, and non-binary individuals for climate leadership across ten cities in the USA. Through meticulously designed educational programs, networking initiatives, and targeted recruitment efforts, Black Girl Environmentalist bridges gaps and empowers an often underrepresented demographic to assume pivotal roles in the climate movement.

Wawa Gatheru is nominated for the WIN WIN Youth Award for her dedication to fostering broader and more inclusive representation in climate leadership, enriching the movement with diverse perspectives and voices.


Melati Wijsen, a 22-year-old change-maker from Bali, has been a prominent figure in the climate movement since a young age. At just 12 years old, she founded Bye Bye Plastic, an organisation that successfully advocated for the banning of plastic bags, straws, and styrofoam in Bali. Now, she leads YOUTHOPIA, an organization dedicated to connecting and empowering young change leaders to contribute to a positive climate transition.

Melati Wijsen is nominated for the WIN WIN Youth Award for her tireless commitment to empowering her local community and young people worldwide as change agents for a more sustainable future.

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