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fre 29 sep.


Bokmässan / Yttrandefrihetsscenen

The power of media in democracy

What role and responsibility do journalists have in a democratic society?

The power of media in democracy
The power of media in democracy

Time and place

29 sep. 2023 14:00 – 14:20 CEST

Bokmässan / Yttrandefrihetsscenen, 10, Mässans gata, 412 51 Göteborg, Sweden


How can responsible journalism be enabled to contribute to an informed and engaged citizen opinion? How can we ensure that media remains a central pillar in democracy, considering the tendencies of politics towards increased regulation? 

We welcome you to a discussion about independent journalism, source criticism, diversity in the media landscape, and the growing digital influence on the flow of information.

With: Lars Tallert, Founder/Chairman of the Sustainable Journalism Partnership, and Robert Olsson, Chairman of Media & Democracy at Lindholmen Science Park. 

Moderator: Sara Larsson, Executive Director of WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award.

Event included in the entrance ticket to Bokmässan / Gothenburg Book Fair. 

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