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21 okt. 2023


On the annual award night 20th October, the theme for 2024 "Inclusive Transition" was announced by jury member Per Olsson, Deputy Science Director at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University.

Choosing a new theme for the WIN WIN Award is a thoughtful and collaborative process that begins each year in May when the jury gathers. The jury, composed of diverse and knowledgeable individuals, plays a crucial role in determining the theme, which is central to the purpose and focus of the award.

The process of selecting a theme involves each jury member bringing three urgent topics to the table for presentation and discussion. This initial brainstorming session allows for a broad spectrum of pressing issues to be considered, ensuring that the chosen theme aligns with the current challenges and opportunities facing our world.

For the year 2024, the jury has decided on the theme "Inclusive Transition." This theme was selected due to its sense of urgency and relevance in the current global context. The decision to focus on "Inclusive Transition" was driven by several key factors.

First, there is a pressing need for swift and extensive transformations in our modern era. We find ourselves at a pivotal moment where systemic change is essential to address critical global issues.

Second, recent crises and challenges have generated a heightened interest in the concepts of transformation and systemic change. These crises have also accelerated the urgency of making substantial strides towards more sustainable and equitable futures.

Lastly, both the private and public sectors, as well as civil society, are increasingly willing and ready to take action to drive positive change. This commitment from influential entities is crucial in propelling transformative initiatives forward.

However, it is essential to recognise that during periods of rapid transition, there can be increased uncertainty, which may lead to backlash. This backlash can manifest as resistance, aggression, and even violence, including the spread of disinformation. These reactions often arise from feelings of exclusion from the process of imagining and constructing new systems and futures or the fear of losing out as the old system phases out.

In light of these challenges, it is of utmost importance that transitions are inclusive. An inclusive approach takes into account principles of justice, fairness, and the inclusion of diverse voices. This ensures that the transformation process is not only effective but also equitable, minimising unintended negative social and environmental consequences.

The "Inclusive Transition" theme serves as a call to action, emphasising the need for inclusive and collaborative approaches to address the urgent issues facing our world. It encourages all stakeholders to work together to build a more equitable, sustainable, and just future, where no one is left behind in the process of positive change.

The WIN WIN Award will recognise and celebrate those who have contributed to an inclusive transition, promoting the values of justice, fairness, and diversity as we navigate our way through this critical period of transformation.


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