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Digitalisation has transformed the way people interact with each other in a profound way. New technology allows us to connect with people from all over the world, share knowledge and create actions toward the future we desire. With all its facets, the internet has become crucial in grassroots movements fighting for democracy, human rights, and sustainable development. It has enabled people to raise their voices in previously impossible ways.


But there are darker and more worrying aspects of the digital conversation. Over the past years, we have seen how  disinformation have the power to manipulate our image of societal events, our political discussions, and our elections. Digital platforms are being used to increase polarisation and cause intolerance of others’ opinions.

To enable more resilient and sustainable societies, we need to find ways to use the internet to benefit democracy, sustainable development and movements toward a better world, and at the same time, mitigate the risks we now see so clearly. Creating countermeasures against disinformation is vital for the functioning of our modern public discourse.

The theme for WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award 2023 is therefore Fighting Disinformation.
The recipient of the award will be a person or organisation that effectively has taken on the challenge to fight disinformation, has improve
d the democratic discourse and created change that will inspire others, thereby facilitating the work to reach the UN Sustainable Goals 2030.



After reviewing over three hundred nominations, the juries selected five finalists for each prestigious award. The finalists are highly regarded in their fields and have demonstrated significant contributions to fighting disinformation through a range of proactive and reactive initiatives.

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