9 juni 2022

WIN WIN Award and Swedish star chefs lift sustainable aquaculture – here are the finalists 2022

This year's theme for the prestigious WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award (WIN WIN Award) is sustainable aquaculture. This is highlighted through cooking initiative "Catch of the Week", with star chef Tina Nordström as its official spokesperson. Now the nine finalists for the WIN WIN Award and the WIN WIN Youth Award 2022 have been selected.

During the past winter and spring, world-leading WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award has been searching for nominations of individuals and organizations that actively work to promote sustainable aquaculture, thereby aiding the world's countries to achieve the UN's global goals. Today, the WIN WIN juries are honoured to present the nine shortlisted candidates for this year's WIN WIN Award and WIN WIN Youth Award, with a total prize sum of over one million SEK or 100 000 Euro.

The UN predicts that global food production needs to increase by 70 percent before 2050. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), aquaculture, i.e. the cultivation of aquatic animals and plants such as fish, mussels, crustaceans and algae, is necessary to meet the nutritional needs of the world's rapidly growing population.

Aquaculture is already growing rapidly and an estimated three billion people today get at least 20 percent of their necessary nutrients from seafood, which usually has great benefits in terms of both health and the environment.

- Sustainable aquaculture as this year's theme is an exciting choice, says WIN WIN Award jury chair Emma Dalväg. "Sustainable aquaculture offers both opportunities and challenges and is a topic that needs urgent attention. This year's finalists all show great social responsibility and tangible solutions to a global problem. We are very proud to present a wide range of finalists who in different ways and in different parts of the world offer possibilities to feed more people in a sustainable way in the future, as per Emma Dalväg.

The chair of the WIN WIN Youth Award jury Ahmed Al-Qassam points to the need for more people to get involved in the issue of sustainable aquaculture at a young age:

- We see a crying need for more initiatives in sustainable aquaculture among younger generations. As part of the solution to the global nutrition of the future, awareness of sustainable aquaculture simply needs to increase significantly. Therefore, in every way, we want to encourage young people all over the world to learn more and to start projects in sustainable aquaculture themselves," says Ahmed Al-Qassam, Chairman of the WIN WIN Youth Award jury.

Inspiring people to discover the possibilities of sustainable aquaculture and blue foods, the WIN WIN organisation has gathered 15 of Sweden’s foremost chefs and culinary personalities in a thrilling aquaculture cook-off duel. The official spokesperson for Catch of the Week is Tina Nordström, one of Sweden's foremost cooking celebrities of all times. Sweden is not only an international pop and fashion wonder but also a global producer of successful chefs. Out of those, we also recruited Magnus Ek, Sofia B. Olsson, Elvira Lindqvist, Lisa Lemke, Alexandra Zazzi, Frida Nilsson, Henrik Sauer, Louise Johansson and Monika Ahlberg, all chefs of international renown who join the campaign pro bono.

The Catch-duel consists of creating a brand new dish based on the theme of sustainable aquaculture. Each chef has filmed their own show and one video per week will be released via WIN WIN Award’s Youtube-channel starting today. The chef with the most likes at the end of the campaign will be elected WIN WIN chef of the year and the best motivation is rewarded with two VIP tickets to WIN WIN Award Night on October 21st .

As an extension of Catch of the Week, the WIN WIN organisation will also launch “Under Ytan till Grytan” – (“Under the surface to the pot”) a community project where five local chefs present aquaculture-based menus at five local schools and senior residences. The chefs involved are Erik Karlsson, Annie Friberg, Gustav Ranstrand, Victor Danling Wendt and Sandra Loft at Hästhoven pre-school, the Billing School, Helenaskolan high school, Västerhöjd senior high and Boken Senior Residence respectively. “Under Ytan till Grytan” takes place on September 1st 2022 in the municipality of Skövde, Västra Götaland, Sweden.

The WIN WIN Award received 85 nominations from 33 countries. These are the five finalists – for photos and more info, click here:

Gårdsfisk/ Sweden

Gårdsfisk conducts land-based fish farming with the vision of producing the world's most sustainable fish. By growing new species on land in recirculating systems, Gårdsfisk is a pioneer for sustainable food systems of the future.

Joe Dorgan/ Canada

Dairy farmer Joe Dorgan is the initiator of the use of red algae as cattle feed. His work has led to promising results that indicate that methane emissions may be significantly reduced by mixing dried red algae into cows' feed.

APDRA/ France

Apdra Pisciculture paysanne (Adpra) is a non-profit organization that helps develop and coordinate family-owned agroecological fish farming projects in several countries in Africa and Asia.

NovFeed /Tanzania

NovFeed is a young, innovative startup in Tanzania that develops and sells insect-based fish feed to make farmed fish available to more people. Through NovFeed's business model, healthy proteins are made available to those who need them the most.

FeedVax/ Argentina

FeedVax develops an oral vaccine against various fish diseases, contributing to increased survival and a reduced use of antibiotics in fish farms. Administering oral vaccine instead of by injection reduces costs, enables vaccination of all sizes of fish and lessens stress in animals.

The WIN WIN Youth Award received 209 nominations from 45 countries. Here are the four finalists – for photos and more info, click here:

Samaki Farms/ Tanzania

Arnold Shoko from Tanzania is one of the Co-Founder of Samaki Farms, an Agri-tech startup that offers consultation services to fish farmers and produces alternative protein feed ingredients for fish farmers.

Sara Gutierrez Plata/ Mexico

Sara Gutierrez Plata is working for the Fisheries Research Institute on a project designed and supported by Healthy Reefs for Healthy People Initiative to develop mariculture methodologies for small-scale, low intensity restocking of Caribbean King Crab as well as the entire ecosystem surrounding it.

Banoo, Indonesia

Banoo is an Indonesian aquaculture-tech solutions start-up. The start-up has developed a technology for improving the water quality of man-made fish ponds and promoting good aquatic life.

Margret Karimi, Kenya

Margret runs a fish farm and hatchery, a model of circularity that takes care of fish waste and directs it towards banana plantation and rice growing. The farm also trains other fish farmers, youth and school-going children.

Since 2000, the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award recognises outstanding achievements all over the world for the benefit of people, our planet and our common future. This year's winners of the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award and the WIN WIN Youth Award will be announced on August 12th, 2022 and the awards will be presented at WIN WIN Award Night on October 21. Within this year's theme, the WIN WIN Award collaborates with the Beijer Institute/ Stockholm Resilience Centre and Kristineberg Center for Marine Research and Innovation/ University of Gothenburg.


June 10: Premiere of national aquaculture campaign Catch of the Week

August 12: Announcement of winners of the WIN WIN Award and WIN WIN Youth Award

September 1: “Under the Surface to the Pot” community project in Skövde municipality

October 21: WIN WIN Award Night and release of new theme 2023

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Snippet: This year's theme for the WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award is sustainable aquaculture. During winter and spring, this world-leading sustainability award has been searching for nominations of individuals and organizations that actively promote sustainable aquaculture, thereby aiding the world's countries to achieve the UN's global goals. Today the jury presents the nine shortlisted candidates eligible to win over 1,000,000 SEK.