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21 okt. 2022


While digitalisation has change the way people communicate in man positive ways, the spread of disinformation has increased in worrying ways. You can now nominate persons or organisations to the WIN WIN Award 2023: Fighting Disinformation.

With the digital era we are now in, the public and the democratic conversation moved from our public spaces and traditional media to digital forums owned by private companies. It has radically changed the rules of the game and added new complexity to the public conversation that we have not seen before. What happens when the conversations take place in forums where our laws and policies don't need to be followed? What does this mean for our democratic conversation? What does this mean for the transition toward a sustainable world? To emphasise the importance of our public conversation to transition into a sustainable world, do the WIN WIN Gothenburg sustainability awards jury present the 2023 years theme: Fighting disinformation

Emma Dalväg, chair of the jury, at the WIN WIN Award Night 2022.

Learn more about the theme and nominate your candidate HERE

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